Wall Decals vs Wall Stickers

Wall Decals and wall stickers have the potential to revamp your space and enhance the interior design with depth and dimension. There are various ideas that can be employed to spice up dull, blank walls, such as using paintings, frames, wall hangings, and adhesive wall decorations. Adhesive wall decor, which encompasses wall stickers and wall decals, presents an effortless and affordable option to spruce up empty walls.

Both wall decals and wall stickers are intended to stick to smooth wall surfaces and are typically used for wall decor. They are largely similar, except that wall stickers are smaller in size and made of cheap thick vinyl sheets, while wall decals can be larger in size and are made from quality fabric materials.

  • Wall stickers are smaller in size and made of cheap thick vinyl sheets
  • Wall decals can be larger in size and are made from quality fabric materials

Whilst wall stickers can provide a quick and cheaper solution, they can also leave residual marks when removed and are not reusable. Our wall decals meanwhile are made of a removable and reposition-able fabric that can be peeled from the backing and transferred onto the wall, offering a sleeker and more appealing look. They are also easily removable and can be reused.

Can removing Wall Decals damage walls?

Removing wall decals should not damage the walls if done with care. While they add style and vibrancy to home decor, it is important to take them off gently to avoid surface damage. Wall decals are typically easy to stick and peel, but if they are strongly adhered, applying heat can soften the adhesive and make peeling easier. If any residue is left behind, soapy water can be used to remove it. At Jack harry and Ollie we offer a range of easy-to-peel wall decals in beautiful designs like Arch Wall Decals, Scallop Wall Decals and other options to add freshness and liveliness to your home decor.

How long do wall decals last?

Good quality wall decals are long-lasting and fade-resistant as well and normally last longer than your expectation. Most of them have strong adhesive so they stick for a long period, depending on the environment where they are applied. We only use the best fabric adhesive product Phototex for our wall decals which has been tested to one one of the best products in the market for longevity and removability.

Are Wall Decals Permanent?

Unlike wall stickers, our wall decals are designed to be temporary for as long as you decide. When you want to remove our wall decals then just gently remove them from the wall slowly at a slight angle to minimize any potential damage to the underlying paint.