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Hey we're glad you found us!

Hi my name is Gillian and I am the creator of Jack Harry and Ollie and my other half is John who prints all our products.

We are a family based business located in Perth Western Australia and we produce made to order wallpapers and wall decals using only Australian products.

We print all our products in-house with water based latex inks which are certified GreenGuard Gold with no harmful toxins and we are the only company (as fas we aware) who print a one piece wallpaper up to 3200mm high by any 50 metres wide with no joins.

So why jack harry and ollie?

Our three boys are at the heart of our lives so what better name for our family business.

This is Jack

Jack is our oldest son (nearly 6 in this photo) taken at Rottnest. All our boys are adventurers but Jack likes to lead the way.

This is Harry (Harrison)

Harry (4 in this pic) is the youngest of the family and is a twin to Ollie. Harry is the joker of the family and has the best laugh ever.

This is Ollie (Oliver)

Ollie (4 in this pic) is the older twin to Harrison and is the clever clogs of the family.

Ollie from Jack Harry and Ollie enjoying the beach

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